Oddisee releases second video “CounterClockwise” from upcoming album.


From the upcoming Oddisee solo album “The Good Fight.”

CounterClockwise is about being there for people & them working against you as a result. Becoming the bearer of their problems because they know you can handle it,” Says Oddisee.

This is the second song from the Brooklyn by-way-of Prince George’s County musicians upcoming solo album “The Good Fight.” The song explores the counterproductive nature of some relationships that end up draining those involved. Disorienting and complex layers of backsliding record slips, driving drums, and haunting vocalizations push the song forward while Oddisee’s crisp and calm vocals tell the story of people moving in different directions. And while anger may be somes primary drive, and fire may be their weapon, Oddisee reminds us that water is their easy match.


About The Video:

In order to visually represent this idea director Brandon Black and Director of Photography Zack Schamberg filmed Oddisee walking backwards throughout multiple boroughs in New York over several nights. Then they reversed the footage to make everyone else move backwards. Next the director shot the footage at night but boosted the light to appear as though it was day in order to add to the disorienting affect, making night seem like day, and forward seem like backwards.

Check out Director Brandon Black on Instagram: @brandonblack

Oddisee Tour Dates

April 11 – Hartford, CT @ Trinity College
April 23 – Flagstaff, AZ @ NA University Castro Auditorium
April 24 – Mesa, AZ @ Club Red
April 25 – Santa Fe, NM @ The Underground at Evangelo’s
April 26 – Albuquerque, NM @ Stereo Bar
April 27 – Denver, CO @ Cervantes Other Side
April 29 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
April 30 – Oakland, CA @ Leo’s Music Club
May 2 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
May 5 – New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
May 6 – Washington, DC @ TBC
May 7 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
May 8 – Narragansett, RI @ Wheelhouse
May 9 – Pittsburgh, PA @ TBC
May 13 – Toronto, ON @ TBA
May 14 – Ottawa, ON @ The Ritual
May 15 – Quebec City @ Le Cercle
May 16 – Burlington, VT @ TBC
May 17 – Boston, MA @ Middle East
July 2 – Vienne, FR @ Jazz a Vienne Festival
July 3 – Nice, FR @ Nuits Carrees Festival
July 5 – Brussels, BE @ Couleur Cafe Festival

About The Album “The Good Fight”
Imbued with love, honesty, and selflessness, The Good Fight is virtuosic in its musicality, direct in its language, and infinitely relatable.

In a landscape overrun with abstract indulgence and shallow trend-chasers, the Prince George’s County, Maryland artist has created a record that reminds you that it’s music before it’s hip-hop.

For Oddisee, “The Good Fight” is about living fully as a musician without succumbing to the traps of hedonism, avarice, and materialism. It’s music that yields an intangible feeling: the sacral sound of an organ whine, brass horns, or a cymbal crash. It’s a meditation on our capacity to love and the bonds binding us together. It’s our ambition and greed warring with our sense of propriety – a list of paradoxes we all face when living and striving.

Oddisee’s production simmers in its own orchestral gumbo. You sense he’s really a jazzman in different form, inhabiting the spirit of Roy Ayers and other past greats. The Fader’s compared him to a musical MC Escher, calling hailing his “grandiose and symphonic sound” and “relevant relatable messages.” Pitchfork praised his “eclectic soulful boom-bap.”

“The Good Fight” acknowledges the stacked odds, but refuses to submit


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