Pharell’s “Happy” on Pandora. Laughable Revenue despite 105 Million Streams

At this point, no one is surprised when it’s reported that a worldwide music anthem that gets millions of played gets a ridiculously low revenue from streaming services.

In this case, Pharell Williams received a measly $6,300 from Pandora for his 105 000 000 Streams. Of course that revenue number is what goes to the artist after the publisher (Sony in this case) takes their part of the pie.

Yes, it doesn’t shock anyone anymore but still I think it’s newsworthy and important to spread the word and get people thinking that if a song like Happy gets peanuts in return for a worldwide smash hit, then what do you think up and coming artists get for their couple thousand plays.

Pandora claims “its payments to artists — at $0.001 per play — are “very fair” and that it helps sell concert tickets”. It is a subject for another time, but in my opinion Streaming services have an even worse influence that illegal downloading. It’s important that listeners who subscribe to these services understand that they are in no way helping these artists out.

We suggest buying a physical copy, buying from Bandcamp when possible or even Itunes.



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