Poirier “Soca Road EP” (Mixpak)

Pretty much any release coming out of the Mixpak camp is newsworthy enough to get a shout from us, they’ve put out tons of dope material from people like Sticky, Dubble Dutch, Vybz Kartel. But it’s especially big when we heard the new EP was coming for our main man and Montreal‘s own POIRIER!

From the first quick peek at the tracklist, I smiled when I found out that the track called “Sak Te Gen Tan Gen La” ended up on this EP because Poirier hooked me up with the track months ago and I’ve been playing to the stunned look of many dancefloors since. (Funny factoid: I actually went to high school with Imposs, the MC on the track)

All 4 tracks on the EP are strong but i’d have to go with “Who Got Di Riddim” and the track with Imposs as my two favorites. Both tracks are pretty blazing fast and as a DJ who plays a lot of different stuff, it’s always great to find tracks that I love that are 165 bpm and up cause it’s just not something that I have a ton of!

Poirier must have been born in a parallel universe because for a guy born and raised with the cold weather of Montreal, well let’s just say it’s a mystery as to how he pulls off the tropical vibes so well.

Recommended yo!

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Poirier – Soca Road EP Preview by Mixpak



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