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Future Classic: Addison Groove “Dancer / Go La La”

Broken Beat House / Techno

This is one of those rare examples when our slogan “Forgotten Treasures” and “Future Classics” clash and meet right in the middle to make some magic happen. It isn’t always done right: most of the time these remixes and edits are pretty forgettable… this isn’t one of those times.

Sister Sledge‘s anthem “Dancer” gets the Bristol treatement by Addison Groove, known previously as Headhunter in his dubstep production days. Since 2010, he’s been more on the UK Bass / Juke / Footwork tip (you remember Footcrab of course) and touring worldwide as DJ as well.

I discovered the massive Sister Sledge tune thanks to the classic Moodyman remix and since then, I acquired the “We are Family” LP three times. It is one of those disco records that never leaves my party crates and that you can listen from the beginning to the end as there is so many bangers on it.

Addison Groove’s take on Dancer is fueled by the powerful infrabasses and haunting echo voices which take you by surprise while you cannot stop to dance on the familiar and rechopped Nile Rodgers’ guitar riffs. The “Go-La-La” on the flipside is also nice with the rework of the Nigeria classic tribal drums “Jin-Go-Lo-Ba” which was also previously covered by the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Santana and Fatboy Slim. Yet, it is for the dancefloor potential and the thrills given by the gigantic “Dancer” audio blast, that you should rush here to buy one of the 300 white labels EPs. As I was advised by the mighty Sch’pr fron the France based collective Unlike Sessions, be fast on this one.

ohhh and while we’re talking about the Sisters… here you are!

oh, and also some Rampage who sampled this one quite well too. Flipmode!


Dr. Miette

Dr. Miette

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