Dj Mixes

Rilly Guilty “Golden Sounds – The Series”

House / Techno

My homie Rilly Guilty has put together the third installment of his “Golden Sounds” series, but now’s a good time to revisit the previous two at the same time. Whenever DJ-ing Guilty constantly works the angles but on this mix we get what he pretty much does best: deep, tracky and moody house music.

This is recorded live. You know, the kind of mix that’s NOT recorded with a sync button, the kind where the tiny imperfections for 1/2 a beat makes for absolute real motherfu*king DJ-ing perfection! For now the tracklisting is secret but if we beg him enough he might just share the goods. Don’t sleep on this one. This is that special brownies soundtrack!

Golden Sounds The Series by Rilly Guilty



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).