SevDee takes Jean Leloup to lunch

Sevdee vs Jean Leloup “L’Amour est sans pitié” – Remix EP

For those who aren’t from Quebec, let me explain real quick who Jean Leloup is. Is our kind of folk / gypsy answer to a mix of Beck and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. I say ODB cause Leloup likes to use akas too… John The Wolf, Massoud Al-Rachid, Jean Leclerc and so on.

When I was a wee lad growing up in my neighborhood called Plateau I used to see Leloup on the regular at the convenience store, he would come to buy milk and stuff in his bare feet. So needless to say i’ve liked the dude since. Oh, and musically, he probably has been the most interesting and true artist in the past 20 years here…

There’s also this other guy who you should know by now… my partner in crime from fridays at Blizzarts mr. SEVDEE. He just finished an entire REMIX album from some of Leloup’s dopest tracks. C’est le REEEEMIX!

Download the album ICI



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