Sevdee’s 7 most slept-on albums


Sevdee aka 7D is my former “THE BRIDGE Fridays” partner. I love to Dj with him but also just to chitty-chat about music. We started talking about over looked records and all this time, I was taking notes!

#1 Cee-Lo Green – …And His Perfect Imperfections

@Sevdee: The title says it all! This album is imperfectly perfect!! @$^!#%!

#2 Common “Electric Circus”

@Sevdee: To this day cats HATE on Common for those Crochet pants yet, Dilla is all over that record, along with ?uestlove, Poyser and…PRINCE! I’ve studied that album… a lot.

#3 Psycho Realm “War Stories”

@Sevdee: This was a crucial moment in the group’s career, and what came out of it musically is brilliant.

#4 yU “Before Taxes”

@Sevdee: When an emcee can rap on his own beats, it get dangerous.

#5 BlameOne “Days Chasing Days”

@Sevdee: Im his #1 supporter! This album came at the perfect time for me and as a DJ, I consider it a duty to push his brand of music. His new album drops on nov 9…#endurence!

#6 Boogiemonsters “God Sound”

@Sevdee: I bought that joint in ’96 and it wasnt until 2007 that I finally met someone who knew what the !@#@$ I was talking about.

#7 CRU “Dirty 30”

@Sevdee: 30 tracks averaging about 2:30 minutes…one album, never heard from them again.. Maybe was it one of its members sounding too much like Q-Tip or was it them telling their management company (Violator) to “calm yo panties” in a skit…



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).