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Shrimpnose “Sullen” (Dome Of Doom Records)


Minneapolis producer Shrimpnose brazenly swims upstream against the conventional thought of what sonic attractiveness should be.

“Sullen” is a seven-track, 15-minute display of beauty being discovered in the bleakest of moments. Playing like an emo beat tape specifically constructed for a skateboarder on the lam who sips lean along the way.

Shrimpnose aka Riley Smithson spins in and around meticulously curated weirdness that includes live recorded voices and background noise that moves comfortably between mono and stereo. Maintaining a steady diet of unhurried BPMs that mingle with ghostly clicks, harp plucks and random pockets of commotion and babel. All of these mismatching audio feels line up and layout in a mosaic of somber themes. Which by the tapes end seems to find a slight moment of delight. Evidenced by the chunky drum kicks and pronounced chords towards the end of ‘Witherwithout (feat Spencer Jones)’.

Smithson has stated the songs emulate the fluid ebb and flow of life and the emotions it provokes. While it is short in duration, “Sullen” provides the perfect length for repeat listens. This 200 cassette tape edition will sell out.

“Sullen” released February 16, 2018 on Dome Of Doom

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John-Paul Shiver

John-Paul Shiver

SF Music Journalist who writes for @pulplab @sfsonicmag , likes more songs about buildings and food. He's written for several Bay Area Music publications over the past 15 years.