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Future Classic: Soul Clap “Soul Clap LP”

House / Techno

Great dance music albums are hard to come by, the genre has always been better suited for EP’s or 12″ vinyl. The Boston-based duo Soul Clap return for their second LP and they have crafted something very special.

Released on the Brooklyn record label Crew Love, the Soul Clap LP is an 11 track all-killer-no-filler album that will keep you dancing and feeling uplifted all the way through. It’s always a treat to find a solid four-on-the-floor album, because dance releases usually cap out at around four tracks or so. Sometimes you want to be able to throw something on that doesn’t require constant song changing, maybe while driving or getting a party started.

Rather than “tracks”, you get actual song with proper structure and all the elements: vocals, hooks, synth riffs, horn stabs, and breakdowns. Recorded at George Clinton‘s studio in Tallahassee, you can hear flavours and bounce of funk, and the touch of soul is undeniable. In the words of Charles Levine, one half of the duo, “It digs deep into our funky souls and turns our wildest dreams into sound. If ‘EFUNK‘ (their first album) was an attempt to create a blueprint using our past inspirations, then ‘Soul Clap’ is the beautiful skyscraper, standing tall as it looks to the future.”

Let Soul Clap take you for a ride.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

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