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SWEATSON KLANK “Forgotten Treasures Mix #08”

Soul Soul & Funk

It’s already the 8th edition of our Forgotten Treasures mixes series and we couldn’t be happier so far. Each mix has been magical! Well, this one fits in very nicely with the others as a mix that is very personal and full of nuggets you probably never heard, or at least not for a while!

Thomas Wilson who has been going under the Sweatson Klank moniker for a little while is one of the veterans of the West Coast experimental beats scene. He’s been doing his thing (sometimes under the name Take) since 2004 on influencial labels like Alpha Pup, Dublab and now the great German label Project: Mooncircle (one of our favorites here at MIMS).

So we asked him to step up to the “Forgotten Treasures” mixes challenge: make us a mix that is really personal and lets us know about your musical influences. It’s awesome, and it’s all vinyl!

His new album called “You, Me, Temporary” is out on April 2nd. on Project: Mooncircle

01. Intro
02. Prince – Bob George
03. Reg Mundy – Finger Pop
04. Change – Hold Tight
05. Bobby Caldwell – Cat Walk
06. Steve Arrington – Beddie Biey
07. Leo Sayer – Easy To love
08. Rene & Angela- Wanna Be Close To You
09. Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut
10. Scott White – Hypnotized
11. Juicy – Sugar Free
12. T.P. – You’re My Choice Tonight
13. Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus
14. George Duke – Feel
15. Les McCann – Sometimes I Cry
16. The Awakening – When Will It Ever End
17. Pete Jolly – Leaves
18. Bobby Hutcherson – Manzanita
19. James Matthew Quartet – Blue Shadows Will Fall

Sweatson Klank – Soundcloud
Sweatson Klank / Take – Official Site



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).