The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #05 Harp Special (Hosted by ASMA)


The Harp has gone through many historical transformation but its sound has always been synonymous with heavenly vibrations, outlandish dexterity and sweeping softness. Many composers have used it as an ornament but when it is truly at the center of a piece the posibilities are endless. From ancient compositions to the ultramodern this fascinating bow offers as much versatility and range as any string instrument and in this episode we will explore it’s true depth.

From masters like Zabaleta, Mildonian and Grandjany to the lesser known Jamet, Nordmann and Loman these interpreters will bring their special approach and at times, transcriptions to famous works from Debussy, Ravel and Bach as well as timeless classics from Faure and Prokofieff. The spanish composers Albeniz, Rodrigo and Ruiz will shine next to specific pieces from Dizi and Scarlatti all mixed in with an epic orchestral Haendel concerto. Let yourself be swept away by a flurry of heavenly notes from the instrument angels.


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DJ Asma

DJ Asma

A Montreal native with West-African roots, Antoine started developing a love for records when his father passed his collection of French, African, Caribbean and Brazilian classics onto him. Ever since, the collector turned selector has spent countless hours in musky basements both here and abroad (Dakar, Lima, Paris, Quito, Rio) in the never-ending search for the perfect beat!