Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: The Funky Horns “Blow” (1995)

House / Techno

Jazzy House wasn’t always associated with background elevator music found on countless generic lounge compilations. Before the formula was abused, some stunning creations were made fusing the purest jazz elements and the pulsating rhythm of House music together.

The Denmark-born and NYC-based DJ Duke was always very versatile with his productions in the 90’s. The large catalogue of his Power Music Distribution imprints goes from straight up N.Y.C. Garage to a harder Sound Factory / Junior Vasquez flavored sound. Around 1995, a strong jazz influence started to shine through on his Black Rhythms and Funky Horns projects.

Blow is absolutely a lost masterpiece. A deep flowing mellow musical ambience with some slightly skippy beats creates a perfect space for the trumpet ad-libs. The delicate feel and the impeccable musicality of this track make it an essential one for any late night / early morning session.

Fun fact: the mute horn playing is credited to “my man Peven”. That is actually Peven Everett first appearance on wax. Before singing about “Sexy Make Up” and other things he used to play horns and keys on various classics productions for Roy Davis Jr. and Ron Trent amongst others.

Track taken from the last edition of The Rawsoul‘s “The Raw House Supreme Show” edition #123 listen below.

The RawSoul

The RawSoul

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