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“The Unseen” Documentary on Detroit Hip-Hop Producers

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I’m stood in the middle of some sweatbox club on the Brighton seafront. On stage, three of Detroit’s finest are putting the finishing bars to Game Over by Dabrye. At the end of the track, DJ Dez cuts the music and Phat Kat steps past Elzhi to the front of the stage. I forget exactly what he said, but it was something along the lines of:

“Detroit Hip Hop cats are completely anonymous… you can go overseas and rock shows for thousands of people and when you come home people recognise the mailman before they recognise you” – House Shoes

Everyone loves a bit of Eminem once in a while. If you consider yourself a fan of rap music and don’t, please click here. But there’s clearly more to Motor City hip hop than 8 Mile and mom’s spaghetti. Director Gus Sutherland (All Ears) hopes to bring fame to the Detroit rap game and beyond with his new documentary, The Unseen.

Due out December 2014, The Unseen will feature appearances from Detroit luminaries and lesser know, including Waajeed, Sterling Toles, Slautah, House Shoes, dak and ahaktari so far. If you feel this project is deserving of your support (which it clearly is), check out the Indiegogo page to donate and find some choice perks



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