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“The View From The Other Side” J-Dilla – A European Remembrance

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JDilla‘s influence on modern hiphop is undeniable and his legacy will go on for decades to come. However, it seems that the genius producer was heralded mostly after his passing. This is the subject of a new documentary coming out in Feb that offers a european perspective on JayDee’s music. With a lineup of serious EU producers (including MIMS homie Onra), we will get another perspective on how Dilla’s detroit sound influenced a generation of beatmakers that took back the reins of underground hiphop in the old continent.

Let’s not forget that J-88 one of Dilla’s greatest vinyl releases was released on german label Groove Attack. This was when Dilla decided to leave Slum Village to focus on his solo output and when those Fantastic Vol. tapes started making waves and people noticed the detroit sound in it’s whole. Dilla was touring Europe before getting sick and finishing up his final opus Donuts (getting a deluxe 45 reissue treatment). So needless to say this doc will provide a unique perspective on the man’s music and his lasting impact.

DJ Asma

DJ Asma

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