Theo Parrish “Sketches”

House / Techno
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via Boomkat: “*Available on Digital for the first time* Eleven tracks of essential productions from Theo Parrish!! Recorded between his studio in Detroit and the Red Bull studios in Cologne and Toronto, ‘Sketches’ features contributions from Larry Mizell, Dumminie Deporres, IG Culture, and the Rotating Assembly, all spreading the vibes hip deep. A highlight, the recently released ‘Traffic’ feat. IG Culture and Benjamin Lamar Gay makes an appearance, next to the kinky Afro-Latin minimalism of ‘Thumpasaurus’, and the astral slip ‘n slide jazz groove of ‘Kites On Pluto’, but to be fair we’re spoilt for choice on favourites.

There’s the low-down dirty bassline seepage of ‘Black Mist’, the coital percussive killer ‘Wookie Nookie’, the jaw dropping 12min 30 sec tropical synth and guitar vibe-out of ‘360@1:29on696 (full version)’ feat. Dumminie Deporres, the bristling shock of his ‘Untitled’ workout with soul legend Larry Mizell, and a stunning, 10-minute electro-techno-funk closer in ‘Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be’ nodding to classic Mr. De or Drexciya moves. Evidently Theo is in the mood for some with ‘Sketches’, balancing his rooted jazz background with proper technoid yearnings, making for an instant classic.”

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1 Hope 4 Tomorrow (Featuring – Jennifer Dale, Niamh Mcartney*, Rio Hunki-Hemopo)
2 Kites On Pluto
3 Traffic (Featuring – Benjamin Lamar Gay, I.G. Culture)
4 Horizon
5 Thumpasaurus
6 Black Mist
7 Wookie Nookie
8 360@1:29on696 (Featuring – Dumminie DePorres)
9 Untitled (Featuring – Larry Mizell)
10 Flip The Funk Out (Featuring – Rotating Assembly, The)
11 Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).