Touch & The Dirty Samples “The Fly”


Touch is a veteran rapper from Alberta mostly associated with fellow Canadian producer from Edmonton Nato.  This time around he teams up with another Neferiu Records pillar, the man with many personas, The Dirty Sample. When it comes to beats, the name is pretty acurate; the samples used to make his rough beats aren’t squeaky clean and are more on the raw feel.

We can hear the vinyl texture here and there. The vocal samples between the songs make this album more like a solo The Dirty Sample instrumental project. That being said, Touch‘s contribution is quite nice also, he compliments the production perfectly with his voice which is very musical. The two artists seem to go beyond the regular rapper slash beatmaker collaboration and exchange  on a deeper artistic level. You really feel like some of the ideas hinted by the beats are developped by the lyrics. For exemple, of course the “diamond” sample comes to mind on Split Dimond but a more subtle exemple is the 3 part Falling Eye Technique.  With the AB to the BC interlude, it’s clear that the two have the same love for the classic Jaylib collaboration.

The songs are short like on a Dirty Sample album but there is a music video for two song (the classic “two-song” rap music video form);



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