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Tribute to PHIL ASHER — Part 2 (Selected & Mixed by The Rawsoul)

This is a very emotional tribute to one of my absolute favorite producers and DJs, Phil Asher. He truly had his own unique signature sound and he perfectly joined the dots between the US and UK scenes. 

Championing the NYC and New Jersey sounds from the earliest days as a DJ, he then started producing and creating a unique blend of raw house grooves that became deeper, jazzier and delicate as the nineties moved along. His experimentations and visions actually led to the foundations of the ’broken beat’ and West London sound that exploded in the late nineties with fellow partners, of which many were, or would be, connected to the Reinforced and Bugz In The Attic crews. In the early 2000’s, their Co-Op parties were crucial in spreading this whole new form of music. 

Gone too sone at the age of 50, he left an indelible mark and an impressive precious discography. This mix is separated in two parts featuring his productions and remixes almost on chronological order so you can hear the whole progression and evolution of his music. The first part showcase his early productions and remixes that were mostly influenced by the NYC and Jersey sounds of the time. Around 1995, a more jazzy feel started to surface and became amplified as the years moved on, creating some broken beat prototypes along the way. On the second part of the mix, focusing on his releases after 2000, you can hear the culmination of his works resulting in one the baddest fusion of house, broken beat, soul and jazz. 



1.Souldrummers – Space And Time 
2.United Future Organization – Somewhere 
3.Nathan Haines – Surprising 
4.Phoojun – Blackurrent 
5.Suba – Você Gosta 
6.Phlash 3000 – Participate 
7.Summerland – Soulmate 
8.Joakim Lone Octet – Reve 1 
9.Nathan Haines ft Verna Francis – Earth Is The Place 
10.Phil Asher Presents Focus – Spaceship Rocket 
11.Jeymes Samuel – When It Rains 
12.Phlash – Raining Sound 
13.Focus – Marvin Is One 
14.Verna Francis – Sunshine 
15.Nema – Darkest Day 
16.Restless Soul ft Maiya James – Peace In My Life 
17.MusicLoveLife – The Bass That Don’t Stop 
18.Phlash & Friends – Time 
19.Phil Asher Presents Focus – Sweet And Sour 
20.Phlash – 1471 
21.Isoul8 ft Paul Randolph – On My Heart 
22.Reel People ft Angela Johnson – You Used To Hold Me 
23.Lyric L – Ooh, U + I 
24.Phlash 3000 ft Rich Medina – Chaos In The Boardroom 
25.Patrick Green ft Big Brooklyn Red – Shine Your Light On Me 
26.Dwele – Money 
27.Jody Watley – Photographs 
28.Restless Soul ft Shea Soul – Tricks 
29.Lady Alma – Running For Nothing 
30.Graceland & Arnold Jarvis – The One 
31.Phil Asher – Madnite 
32.Restless Soul Presents Lady Alma – Call Him 
33.Vanessa Freeman – The Way 
34.Restless Soul ft Zansika – Something Inside 
35.Restless Soul ft Nathan Haines – After Ours 
36.Blaze ft Amira – I Think Of You

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