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Tribute to MADLIB’s JAZZ ALIASES — Selected by Prince Klassen

Prolific is an understatement when it comes to the world of Madlib. Diving in head first, people might know him from his most recent work with Freddie Gibbs. Or they might have heard about his acid tinged alter-ego Quasimoto in a dorm room or coffee shop (ahem, imagine you weren’t born post 2000).

Going further back, a lot first learned of ‘The Beatkonducta’ with the legendary Hip Hop trio, Lootpack. Regardless of where you learned of him or how you came across any of the ever growing catalog of creations, it is a safe bet there is almost ALWAYS going to be something you never knew was another ‘Madlib Invazion’. 

That said, over the last few years I’ve happily dug around for the often overlooked, or dare I say, forgotten (dude is P-R-O-L-I-F-I-C, no diss) Jazz catalog Madlib has managed to pump out. ‘Rugged Tranquility’ is my attempt at finding some of the deeper cuts in the abyss, all the while celebrating 20 years of Otis Jackson Jr’s Jazz masterpieces. – PK

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Yesterdays New Quintet – Rugged Tranquility (taken from Angles Without Edges, 2001)
The Jahari Massamba Unit feat Karriem Riggins – Umoja (Unity) (taken from Yesterdays Universe, 2007)
Malik Flavors – Storm (taken from Ugly Beauty, 2004)
Jackson Conti – Barumba (taken from Sujinho, 2008)
Young Jazz Rebels – Black Freedom (taken from Slave Riot, 2010)
Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm – A Piece For Brother Weldon (taken from A Tribute To Brother Weldon, 2004)
Sound Directions – Forty Days (taken from The Funky Side Of Life, 2005)
The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble – One For The Monica Lingas Band (taken from Miles Away, 2010)
Generation Match – Electronic Dimensions (taken from High Jazz, 2010)
The Jahari Massamba Unit – Pretty Eyes (taken from High Jazz, 2010)
Yesterdays New Quintet – That Girl (taken from Stevie, 2002)
Joe McDuphrey Experience – Flower Of Life (taken from The Experience EP, 2002)
Ahmad Miller – Little Angel (taken from Say Ah!, 2003)



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