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VOYAGE FUNKTASTIQUE – Show #170 (Hosted by Walla P)

Modern Funk

Freshly back from my European tour and diving into this week’s show with a load of new material.

Brand brand newness from XL Middleton, The Kount & Falcxne, B.Bravo, DâM-FunK, Mofak, MadD3E and First Touch, and some boogie classics for your ear drums!

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DâM-FunK – Percys Groove
Kay Bee & KzyBoost – Cruise Control ft. Fingazz
Teal Child – Hoop
Mofak (Ft Chag G) – I Can’t
DOC Mastermind – Soir Ce
The Kount & Falcxne – Shake Down
XL Middleton – Cool Minute feat Moniquea
Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler ft. Dames Brown – Who I Am
Chapter IV – Don’t Stop That Love
Al Marshall – I’m Gonna Make This Night That You Will Never Forget (Instrumental)
Linda Taylor – You and Me Just Started
Mick Jessup – Take It Easy
Maurice Massiah – 50/50 Love
Lisa Hill – I Am On The Real Side
Sky Tony – Moves You Use
Super Paolo – Funk City (B.Bravo Remix)
First Touch & Yvonne Gage – You Can Have It All
Dogg Master – Funk In The Shop
Ourra – New Vision
Dam-Funk – Bounce
Pink Rhythm Feat. John Rocca – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love
The Cool Notes – Star Of The Show
Black White & Co. – Action For Love
The Mighty Passions – Baby Dumplin
Con Funk Shun – Lovin’ Fever
Terry Gengis – Gonna Be There
Touchdown – Ease Your Mind
Garagen Uwe – Balayage
MadD3E – Teddy Swing
Mofak – Ghost House


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Walla P

Walla P

Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, a radio show, monthly night and platform dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Électro/Boogie Funk.