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3 Films to watch this Black History Month

Yay it’s officially February! The month of Love, Candy, Dilla, and Black History! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Now you could go the pessimist route and be outraged about the commercialization and depreciation of all these beautiful concepts or you can let it slide this year and kick it the way I do every February. Put the Dillanthology on your Ipod, walk over to the video store to pick up some great films honoring black history (culture, reality, film makers or actors), buy way too much chocolate on the way home and spend a lovely night with your lovely self.

This year my line up includes Do The Right Thing, La Haine, and The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975. Not only are these all really great films highlighting black reality, but they also all have really sick soundtracks. There is something unexplainably beautiful about the pairing of music and film, which is unfortunately so often overlooked. I mean really how perfect was that scene of Rosie Perez dancing on “Fight the Power”. Music and Film were made to for each other, no need for cupid there.

Do The Right Thing

La Haine

Black Power Mixtape

And also, if you happen to be in Montreal these days. Angela Davis (!) will be in town for the FRO Festival on February 18th. Event Details