Mix of the Day: Montreal Terre de Soleil

This is a truly Montreal-centric tropical mix of music recorded in Montreal by musicians originating from Haïti, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Mostly from private pressing or small labels, these tunes are treasures that were foun...
by DJ Asma


Future Classic: King Most – Edits & Remixes

I was checking out the recent charts post and I noticed SanFran’s King Most added his suggestions. That’s when I realized that MIMS’ fam expanded wide and that good taste was only a few degrees of separation a...
by DJ Asma



Future Classic: Mister Jason Has A Posse (DJ Format’s “A-Z Of Classic Breaks” Remix)

The drumbreak is the cornerstone of record digging, beatmaking and general vinyl nerdery. Well this DJ Format track is the epitome of break mixing; literraly covering the lexicon of classic drumbreaks. Each letter of the alphab...
by DJ Asma


Customized Cases for your 45′s

I used to not collect 45′s and I still hate myself for forgoing digging through them in Lima for lack of time (so much Fania and Peruvian garage left behind). But now I have 45 fever and I am amassing big quantities. Soon...
by DJ Asma



Fela Kuti’s Entire Discography on Bandcamp – Stream for Free

Fela Kuti is godly in many ways, obviously as the godfather of Afrobeat, the visionnary bandleader who did 10 hours shows at his Shrine nightclub that were more like religious experiences and a god send to all DJs who put on hi...
by DJ Asma


Mix of the Day: Doc Delay “Galactic Elastic”

I’ve been a fan of Doc Delay for a long time his mixes are stellar in both packaging,content and execution. He recently released a record on PL70 (our review here) which truly represents his unique style of psych rock sam...
by DJ Asma