Forgotten Treasure: Brother Jack McDuff “Oblighetto”(Jay Dee Remix)


Hello hello….ok, who wants some Dilla in daily healthy diet of music? I know….it’s more like who doesn’t, right? 11th Track of Dillanthology 2, recently I’ve been in love with this track. While the album was released in 2009, I don’t know what year exactly this remix was produced, except it must have been pre-2000. As with many other Dilla tunes, it gives you that nostalgic and euphoric sense of happiness, beautifully sentimental with its subdued beat that takes backseat but only to hold everything to perfection.

It may not be a grand tune, but one of the most intimate ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself keep hitting that repeat button. I love the McDuff’s original just as much of course, from his 1969 album Moon Rappin.’ It’s an effortless pure class, truly timeless. Actually it’s been a while since the last I heard this, yet something about it – one of the hottest organ jams ever backed by superb vocals and drums – literally makes me gasp. Sheer beauty.

Brother Jack McDuff - Oblighetto (Jay Dee Remix)

+ original version

Michelle White

Michelle White

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