MIMS Future Classics

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Future Classic: Lost Midas “Love Undone” feat. Taylor O’Donnell

Sometimes a song just hits you right away. You go from intrigued to captivated after 30 sec and you know the track will be in heavy rotation for days to come. Tru Thoughts (home of Quantic and countless other amazing artists) h...
by DJ Asma


Future Classic: Kenlo Craqnuques “Chaude chaleur”

Usually when it comes to picking tracks / records for our Future Classics & Forgotten Treasures section we like to give the piece some context and explain why it touches us so much… But F*** it. Today is sunday, it&#...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)

The Mole "Lockdown Party" (DJ Sprinkles' Crossfaderama)

Future Classic: The Mole “Lockdown Party” (DJ Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama)

The bar had just closed it’s doors and I was packing up from spinning an 8-hour long R&B set. All this to say I wasn’t necessarily desperate to hear more music when my friend had commanded “Everyone stop everything, I...
by Doc'trin


Ka, in a still from his video for "Off the Record."

Future Classic: Ka “Off The Record”

I’m not sure I really got lyrics at first. When I started listening to hip hop, it was always the beat that caught my ear. The rapper, rhythmic and percussive, added something but never took centre stage. My moment of clarity...
by Cal


Future Classic: BinkBeats “Beats Unraveled”

For the most part, Youtube has sort of ruined the whole idea of cover versions for me. I mean, you check out a video you like and in the side bar you can see about 18 different versions of random people butchering a song in the...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: Skinny Bros & Jonathan Emile

Do you guys remember songwriting duos? I’m sure Timberland and Timberlake rings a bell and of course Paul McCartney and John Lennon are probably the best known duo but what about Isaac Haynes and David Porter or if I dig even...
by MF Gold



Future Classic: Swindle & Terri Walker “Running Cold”

Just getting back from my little Europe tour, a really amazing time DJing in Austria, France, Germany and Montenegro. Finally readjusting to the Montreal routine but before I do I wanted to remind myself of a few songs that rea...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Future Classic: Ian Kamau “One Day Soon”

I’ve been steering clear of lyrics recently and letting my ears revel in the beauty of instrumentals and beats. It’s been a wonderful experience so far but I must admit, it was a deliberate and bitter decision I made for my...
by MF Gold


Future Classic: Jessy Lanza “Kathy Lee” (Hyperdub Records)

As I’ve stated before, I am always enthralled when a Canadian artist breaks into the UK underground scene that rules my every being. And it has happened yet again! This time with the mysterious Jessy Lanza, an Ontario based s...
by River Lance



Future Classic: Elaquent “Believing”

Our good friend – and very talented producer from Guelph, Ontario - Elaquent’s music stands out compared to the infinite number of beat tapes, including those from fellow Canadian producers. There’s just somethin...
by MaxRobin


Future Classic: Doc Delay “Morgan”

NYC producer and DJ Doc Delay has always had his own style. His ‘‘Galactic” mix series will give you a taste of where his producer ear is at now and his REM Sleep psych mixes are how I got introduced to him as...
by DJ Asma

Ta-ku - Dowhatyoulove

Future Classic: Ta-ku “Dowhatyoulove”

No stranger to delicate mixes of boom-bap and future sounds, Australia’s very own Ta-ku treats us to a new release, Dowhatyoulove. The 18 instrumental tracks of the records illustrate how little it now matters where in th...
by Philippe Sawicki