Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: J.T “I Love Music” (1983)

Soul & Funk

As a DJ, sometimes sharing some of your secret gems and special dance-floor weapons isn’t always easy. But when you run a website, radio show or record store you pretty much have no choice but to share those discoveries and that’ll focus your energy on digging for some more gems!

This absolutely brilliant 80’s Boogie Soul meets Dance-floor Electro by J.T (released on Vanguard and produced by Ray “Pinky” Velazquez) was introduced to me by Freddy Anzures at our 24HOV event in San Francisco (check out his set here)

There isn’t much information on this track, being the only release ever from JT (Joseph Toomey, III). Actually there is a lot more to say on the label (Vanguard) and the producer of the track, Ray Velazquez who was also behind Fonda Rae‘s “Over Like A Fat Rat” (another one of our favorites).

The other reason why bringing attention to these treasures is important is because of the stories and people who were behind these recordings. Case in point, when we shared this article, we received an email from Peter Parris, the drummer who is playing on “I Love Music” to thank us for the bringing him some great memories of this 30 year old record.

Parris shared some great information on J.T that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

“JT is actually a musician from Liberia Africa. He used to play for a group name Liberian Dream until he came to United States seeking a record contract he wrote I Love Music and several other songs and put them on a demo. A friend introduced him to Clarence an A&R from Vanguard Records. JT’s primary instrument was bass but he could play many different instruments. He is actually playing all the instruments you hear on I love music and also sung background and lead vocals. The only thing which he isn’t playing are the Drums and that’s me!”

“I play gospel now. I think JT has gone the religious route as well. Haven’t seen him for a while.”

JT discusses in the lyrics that when his mother asked him as a kid what he wanted to be in life he answered “mama can’t you see I Love The Music”. Since his one and only song was never a major hit, it’s safe to assume that Joseph Toomey never quite became the pop star he wanted to be. But all we can say to JT is that your song has lived on and 30 years later it still kills any dance-floor on which it’s played!

We played the track on our last monthly MIMS Show, and will probably be playing a ton in the future!

Boom checka checka, checkaaaaah!





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