Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Whitney Houston “Fine” Jameson 2step Remix (2000)

UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

Ok, so I waited a few days for the first wave of opportunistic producers and websites paying “hommage” to the late Whitney Houston before I shared anything about that. I mean, do website likes TIME and others have a “top 10 moments” list for all celebrities just waiting to be posted on Twitter just five minutes after something bad happens. A bit creepy isn’t it.

Well, i’m not gonna lie. I was never the biggest Whitney fan, the tracks I still like to this day are from her first record when it was more the R&B thing than the “Diva” thing.

In terms of remixing Whitney has never had a ton of interesting ones because she just doesn’t have a voice and tracks that generally make it easy to do anything other than uber-cheese. But I did dig out one remix which I remember liking from my UK Garage days… yes, it is cheesy as hell (especially the little bit in the intro saying “yesss it’s the remix for Whitney Houston”, just awful) but when you get around the 1 minute mark you kinda lose yourself in the super tight drum programming and the nice bassline by Jameson, one of the good producers from the early 2000’s UKG period.

Whitney Houston - Fine (Jameson Remix)


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