Future Classics

Future Classic: Kahn “Margeaux” (Idle Hands)

UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

This one has been on constant repeat mode for the past 12 hours. A brand new one from Bristol producer KAHN (of the Young Echo Collective), not to be confused with the also dope KUHN. Kahn has also previously released stellar stuff on Punch Drunk and Box Clever.

Got the promo of this one from Idle Hands a little while ago but I finally got around to listening to it and was totally knocked over. It stood out of the 200 tracks I listened to.

As a pretty hardcore fan and DJ from the original UK Garage / 2 step movement I sometimes take offense to more recent productions that completly rip off the styles of UKG pioneers like Jeremy Sylvester, Tuff Jam, El-B and so on. But this one is different.

Yes, it does conjure memories of Steve Gurley productions but what is great about it is that it doesn’t sound like ripoff, it doesn’t just do the nostalgia thing. The vocal layering à la James Blake, Mount Kimbie is not something you used to find back then too much. So in that sense, you get a bit of old and new… And all kinds of awesome. No laptop speakers for this one!

This is going to end up on our top 50 tracks list of the year that’s for sure.

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