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Devon Eve

Montrealer, born and raised, Devon Eve is a disco boogie junkie with much love for the golden era of dance music.

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Hugh Masekela “Don’t Go Lose It Baby” (1984)

Today I am happily sharing one of my favorite Afro-Funk songs, a jam that I believe still has the ability to create disco delight on the dance floor today. The track I’m talking about is Hugh Masekela’s legendary underground dance classic, Don’t Go Lose It Baby and it is one a monstrous gem! With anthem like lyrics, an infectious drum and bass beat, disco guitar riffs, trumpet and piano solos, it’s truly a groove made to make your feet move.

Don’t Go Lose It Baby is featured on his album Techno Bush released by Jive Afrika records in 1984, and is a great example of the kind of sounds that emerged within a post-disco era. This song was a hit within the underground dance scene in the US and Masekela even performed at the famed club Paradise Garage in the 80’s. (Paradise Garage was a NYC disco club that operated from 76-87 with resident DJ Larry Levan).

Masekela is known as a Jazz musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer from South Africa, and he’s been releasing music for the last 60 years. Summarizing the depth of his accomplishments and success is difficult to articulate in a few paragraphs so I’m not even going to try. He is a trumpet master, a musical pioneer and he’s still going strong in 2012. Don’t Go Lose It Baby is an absolute hands down winner in my collection, and will always be one of the greatest records I have ever received from a friend!

The 12” version is the best:

Hugh Masekela - Don’t Go Lose It Baby

And an extra funky jazz Masekela beat remixed by Metro Area:

Hugh Masekela – Mama (Metro Area Birthday Dub)

Video (includes a rap found on the Stretch Mix):