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Live House Music: Tortured Soul & Peven Everett

House / Techno

Tortured SoulHas anyone ever been to a live house show (not a DJ set) ? I mean have you ever seen a live house band ? About 4 years from now at the ‘Cabaret du Musee Juste Pour Rire’, I went to this crazy Red Bull Music Academy Party organized by my friend Miles Moore. The night started with a cosy interview of Daz-I-Kue (one of the nine producers from Bugz In the Attic) followed by a DJ set from Fred Everything (Quebec’s best house export) and a live show from New York’s Tortured Soul. As my first live house show, I was very impressed by their wickedly effective grooves. Just imagine your favourite house DJ as a live band, making deep house music as danceable as a classic groove, and you’ll get a sense of what a Tortured Soul set is like. Here’s an exemple of what they can do on stage:

Another artist that I would love to see live for his soulful house performance is the one and only, Peven Everett. One of the most underrated artists out there. I really dig what P. E. does in the production room and behind the mic/rhodes. Can this cat do anything wrong? Peven is the man…check the video clip’s below. This is a great performance delivered by a very talented man. You don’t see this kind of show no more ? This is what happens when you are gettin’ down with soulful music…inspiring! Please Let’s book this cat in Montreal for 2011!



fullrange is another like-minded music head who is a really great digger and tastemaker. The guy especially knows his jazz shit!