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Here & Now: Photographer MARC LEMOINE picks some of his current favorites

Here are five tracks that photographer Marc Lemoine has been rocking like crazy (+ one entire record)

1. Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels.

Best hip hop rock record I’ve heard in ages. I’ve been listening to this entire record non stop, front to back, every track is on point. Listening to it makes you feel great. Killer Mike x El-P = pure genius. Can you argue with rhymes like this: “Anybody looking for some trouble better self med, we could double dutch in a minefield, hell gets just the right temperature, break beat minister, river dance cleats on your face for the finisher.” (36″ Chain) and “The beat breaks and your teeth break, keep your canines embedded in my knuckles as a keepsake, it would seem your veneers just mere souvenirs falling out your mouth and on to the landscape.” (A Christmas Fucking Miracle) ?!?!?! PURE GENIUS.

2. “You’re Not Good Enough” – Blood Orange.

Dev Hynes is a next level savant; also a snappy dresser, incredible musician, and a purveyor of fresh dance moves.

3. “Cross My Heart” – Son Little.

Get ready for one of the best records of 2014, this is the debut track off said record. Son Little kills it.

4. “Spirit” – Future Islands.

What the Goblin King in LABYRINTH bobs his head and rocks out to. Super catchy.

5. “Oblivious” – Jessica Lea Mayfield.

The tones on this track slay. So dark, heavy, droning, and melodic. Her country/alt country roots are apparent but this is just a rad song. It’s really fantastic.

Thanks to Marc Lemoine for the great picks!



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).