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Mix of the Day: Phaeleh “Afterglo 0.01”

UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

Phaeleh (pronounced ‘fella’) is officially my favourite dubstep artist (yes, we know that the term is in constant mutation and is getting harder to define). He has been since I first heard his Afterglo 0.01 mix about a year ago. It would seem silly to make such a statement based upon one album but thankfully everything else he’s done has failed to disappoint so far.

Hailing from Bristol, Phaeleh makes ambient, emotional tracks as well as great dance tunes. Needless to say his production is flawless. In DJ speak the treble is made up of crisp, sometimes complex drum beats, the bass is deep and precise and the mid is always just right. He picks out great samples, melodies and features great artists to create the latter.

I maintain that the aforementioned Afterglo 0.01 mix is a good place to start listening to Phaeleh (the mix is available from Chemical Records on CD as its 20 separate tracks) and you can download ‘Within The Emptiness’ for free from his label’s website (yes he also runs his own label). Everything else he’s done is damn good too.

Check him out. Who knows, maybe he’ll become your favourite dubstep dude too.

Simon Hilder

Simon Hilder

An amateur DJ and music lover who hails from the English countryside. I first fell in love with music via hip-hop (thanks Nas) and have since branched out into all types of electronic/dance music, whilst maintaining my rap roots. Anyone who I can bore with nerdy music talk is a friend of mine.