Show Review: The Goods (April 28th 2012)

We rarely do reviews of shows or personal recaps of a gigs here. But every now and then, a special night comes along that reminds you why you started doing this in the first place. Why you are always very patient with so-so gigs; because you know that one will come along and make all the bad ones go away. I figured i’d write this down so that I don’t forget how amazing this night was.

To give you an indication of how nuts it was, here is a video shot when we closed the music. People doing their own feet pounding acapella track.

So, let’s start from the top: This is THE GOODS we’re talking about. A true Montreal institution, for the past 10 years the monthly night has welcomed every one from Spinna, Lefto, Mr. Scruff, Quantic, Domu and countless amazing Montreal DJ’s too. So, just to be in that company is an honor.

What makes the night so special is one thing: the crowd. By far, the most open minded i’ve ever seen. They will simply trust the DJ’s and follow them down whatever path they chose: Hip-Hop, Boogie, Latin, Jazz, House, Afro, Soul, Disco. Someone said to me last night: “it’s like a big high school dance with none of the awkwardness and issues we used to have!” Ok, we still got issues but that’s another story.

I remember standing in the both at 2:30am and telling Scott C (co-founder of the night) that this is just one of those moments that you take a mental picture and try to never forget. I have rarely felt as connected with the audience as I did on that night.

So, for those of you who were there, I really thank you for that moment in time. LONG LIVE THE GOODS!

We didn’t record the sets, but here are a few of the closing tracks I played…



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