Devon Eve

Devon Eve

Montrealer, born and raised, Devon Eve is a disco boogie junkie with much love for the golden era of dance music.

Future Classics

Future Classic: Souls of Mischief “93 Til Infinity” (Hannes Fischer Remix)

House / Techno

Souls of Mischief 93 ‘til Infinity is a timeless 90’s west coast hip hop album, and it never gets old. If you don’t already know who they are, I strongly recommend downloading that record. From Oakland, California, Souls of Mischief are members of Del the Funky Homosapein’s collective Hieroglyphics.

93 ‘til Infinity was released in 1993 and this album is a funky hip hop essential. A few tracks to check from this are – That’s When Ya Lost, Make Your Mind Up, Live and Let Live, Tell Me Who Profits, Never No More.

‘93 ‘til Infinty’ is the most notable song on the album and of course, an absolute club classic which is why I came across this remix, I was a bit skeptical. I’m not usually big on electronic versions/ remixes of 90’s rap music because I feel like the originals are fantastic the way they are. However, German House producer Hannes Fischer’s version is interesting, rare and worth a listen. It’s a slow tempo house remix that retains enough of the original song for it to be recognizable, without being too tacky. I can’t say that his remix is better (my love for the original song could never surpass any version of it) but I can say that it’s a really smooth groove and a fine combination of classic 90’s hip hop and house music.

Original 93 til ∞ video