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“The Joy Of Disco” (a BBC Documentary)

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Ever wonder where the idea of beatmatching and mixing songs together first came from? How about ye ol’ birth of the 12” record? Any takes on what started same sex liberation on the dance floor?

Last night I watched BBC’s documentary The Joy Of Disco which provided a very basic overview of a genre that not only changed the face of night life, but literally revolutionized the world as we know it.

At an easily digestible hour-long running time, this is totally worth the watch just for the surprising and unique interview moments with the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers and Tom Moulton (who was as shocked as I was concerning the subject matter of a song he had worked on: Andrea True Connection’s More More More).

You won’t hear peep about Paradise Garage and David Mancuso’s infamous parties at The Loft only get lightly touched here, so if you’re looking for something that goes into more detail and tackles the underground Disco scene I’d suggest watching Maestro – Larry Levan & Early DJ Culture or the first parts of Pump Up The Volume. For those who are really interested in the matter, there is nothing more thorough (and personally highly recommended) than Peter Shapiro’s book Turn The Beat Around: The Secret History Of Disco.

For now, enjoy rare club footage from way-back-when and personal accounts from some of Disco’s most celebrated contributors.


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Doc’trin is an up-and-coming dj/dance machine/lady killer who brings a unique selection of disco/house/funky/bass/2-step/techno/beats to the Montreal scene. He plays anything from bus-stop sets to corporate fashion shows and is an after-party enthusiast.

  • John England

    My problem with the documentary as well as most of the ones about disco is they all say that The Loft and the Gallery started it all. Not to take anything away from those great institutions, but what about the clubs like Sanctuary and DJs like Francis Grasso who were the true originators? Read Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.