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Altered Natives “Fact Mix #125”

House / Techno

For those who don’t know about Altered Natives yet this should serve as a good wake up call. A few weeks ago he served up a mix for the always dope FACT magazine series. For anyone in Montreal (or Canada or the US for that matter) we are bringing Danny Native aka Altered Natives on Dec 31st for his Canadian premiere! Check out the details here…

Galactic – Altered Natives
Chicago Days – Justin Stride
No Compromise – Black & Spanish
Streets of Africa ft Akatriel – Funk Butcher
High Definition – MA1
Mind! – Shane Blitz
Natty – DVA
Gutter – Smooth Kriminal
Amazon’s Night – Mister Bee
To the Leff (instrumental) – Zed Bias
The Ridda – Funksta
Distances – Altered Natives
Fuck your Couch – Altered Natives
Rhaaatid Einstein – Altered Natives
God Made Me – Altered Natives
In My House – Altered Natives
Out of Existence – Altered Natives



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).