Doc’trin Presents: Lonely Lovers VI


Shout out to the lonely lovers!

Word around the street is – Valentines Day may be slowly fading away. Whether this is a socio-economic consequence of its hyper-commercialization or simply a modern-day reflection of “love” itself, one thing is for sure: Doc’trin will keep the annual tradition of delivering us musical goodies ’til it’s gone!

Our last couple of “Lonely” playlists were spiced-up with added themes (The Restraining Order Edition and Happy & Healthy Edition), so this year we are reeling it back in with the sad stuff so as not to lose focus.

Here’s to another fantastic instalment of Lonely Lovers. 10 great tunes for all the die-hard romantics who are flying solo today.

Cover photo by Trontell Jordan.



Doc'trin is a high-spirited DJ, party animal and all-around music lover who's survival is directly dependent on a daily intake of fresh tunes. Committed to sharing the joy of new discoveries with fellow addicts, he serves up the finest selection of Disco, Funk, Soul, House, Techno, R&B, Hip-Hop, World, Jazz and everything in between. No secrets, no ego, and no regrets. It's a love thang!