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Future Classic: Convertion “Let’s Do It” Feat. Leroy Burgess (Louie Vega Remix)

House / Techno

March 2nd cannot come soon enough.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Louie Vega (half of Masters At Work) for an amazing project I’m working on and will soon announce. While we were busy packing up, he told me about a secret little project of his own: Re-recording Convertion’s cult classic boogie anthem “Let’s Do It” with none other than original writer/member Leroy Burgess (Aleem, Black Ivory, Logg)!

When it comes to reinterpreting highly-celebrated gems of any genre, devoted fans will commonly raise two legitmate concerns: “Is it necessary?” and “Will it be better (or at least as good as) the first version?”. More often than not, the answer to both questions is “no” (especially true for young remixers who wish to ride the coattails of popular tracks). However, given the talent and creativity of both Leroy and Louie, I knew intent, authenticity and relevance were in the best hands possible.

Fast forward to last weekend: Louie came down to Montreal to play Stereo (an after-hours club) with Jojo Flores. Around 6AM, I heard a familiar voice and recognizable lyrics cleverly looping through the sound system and quickly realized we were all getting a sneak peak of the newly-collaborated Convertion! The crowd went wild. I looked around and noticed fellow disco-lovers gratefully approve of this updated-to-up-tempo favourite, while the rest of the room (blissfully ignorant to the modernization) danced enthusiastically to the swinging garage-house rhythms, bumpy piano chords and joyful melody all the same.


This collaboration not only exemplifies a stellar reinterpretation, but sets the bar for any producers out there wishing to put a new spin on an old classic. Click below to see for yourself.

Out March 2nd on Nurvous.



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