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DOC’TRIN presents: “Lonely Lovers V” (Happy & Healthy Edition)

Soul & Funk

Happy Valentines Day from the MIMS team! It’s hard to believe we’ve reached our 5th annual Lonely Lovers playlist. Thanks to everyone who’s been following!

If you’re new here, the concept is simple: Every year we’ve been tactfully requesting our least romantically-fortunate writer (Doc’trin) to curate a Valentines Day mixtape which accurately reflects his life-long experience as an “eligible bachelor”. These types of assignments consistently cultivate a handful of highly-suitable songs for the occasion (custom theme: desolation and desperation), so we thought we’d make things more interesting by giving him an additional challenge.

The “Happy & Healthy” edition pairs lonely lyrics with cheerful melodies, resulting in a more lighthearted vibe and positive perspective this holiday. Be good to yourself!



Doc'trin is a high-spirited DJ, party animal and all-around music lover who's survival is directly dependent on a daily intake of fresh tunes. Committed to sharing the joy of new discoveries with fellow addicts, he serves up the finest selection of Disco, Funk, Soul, House, Techno, R&B, Hip-Hop, World, Jazz and everything in between. No secrets, no ego, and no regrets. It's a love thang!