Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: The Crowns “How Can He Lead You” (1977)


A couple of weeks ago, the homie Lexis and I were spinning a brunch gig together and he said something I instantly connected with and knew I’d share with you: “As a music lover, there’s nothing more frustrating than attending an entire DJ set without feeling compelled to walk up to the booth to ask for track info. I take it as a compliment when someone asks me for a track ID”.

This is exactly why I packed my milk crate with bait like How Can He Lead You, which ended up luring Lexis to the decks (as predicted).

For their third album, The Crowns (formerly The Crowns Of Glory) focus on slavery from a Christian perspective, essentially encouraging one another to grow from these experiences, leaving behind hatred and bitterness. The A-side plays as a continuous story, split up into seven “scenes”, including a Zulu hymn, spiritual and even a cover of Everything Must Change.

How Can He Lead You jump-starts the flip-side with a four bar I Get Lifted-esque bassline, followed by two bars of theatrically harmonized “woes”, and a simple-yet-surprising drum fill that sets up a sharp, snappy, swinging beat till the last note. Once the accompanying instruments come in (piano, guitar, sax, synth), the unconventional structure of this song only intensifies, as the chorus gets caught in a loop less than halfway through and dives into a sweet, emotional breakdown shortly after. The resulting effect helps make this a standout track, guaranteeing to perk some ears and turn some heads. Enjoy!



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