DEGO’s first single from forthcoming “The More Things Stay the Same” LP

Broken Beat

Three years after his debut solo album A Wha’ Him Deh Pon, dego reveals future funk-boogie track ‘Feminist Meetings’, taken from his highly anticipated second solo LP The More Things Stay the Same, due for release on 26th May 2015 on his 2000BLACK label.

via 2000Black: “Undefined by any singular genre and a pioneering force in London club music culture in drum ‘n’ bass and London boogie, dego continues to forge dance music’s intrepid yet soulful future in his constant search for the ultimate groove. The More Things Stay the Same is a collection of soulful, mid-tempo melodies laced with warm synths, impeccable beats and masterful musicianship rooted in Jazz Fusion, classic Funk and Electro.

In making the album, dego digs deep into his life experiences. From the first track to the last, his sonic signature inscribes his impressions on the duality of life. Dego says: “The More Things Stay the Same is about the state of play – truth can bring despair as well as hope. The two sit side by side. Like history – often repeating mistakes, but also bringing learning and progress.”

In his sophomore solo album, dego leads a team of stellar musicians and trusted co-conspirators: multi-instrumentalists Kaidi Tatham, Mr Mensah and Matt Lord, as well as vocalist Sharlene Hector of Basement Jaxx fame. Hip-hop artist TY also makes an appearance on ‘The Middle Ground’. With The More Things Stay the Same, dego remains steadfast to the vision of his influential 2000BLACK label and collective, formed in 1998, to continue the legacy of black music and to contribute to what makes soul, boogie and dance music great.”


The More Things Stay the Same by dego (2000BLACK)
Album release date: 26th May 2015
Available on digital and vinyl (select tracks)

All tracks produced by dego

1. Feminist Meetings
2. Greed & Power
3. It Don’t Get No Better
4. Keep It Moving Right
5. Own It
6. Shine A Light
7. Star Track 7
8. The Middle Ground feat TY
9. We’ve Been Here Before
10. The Stronghold Of Lithius
11. The Writings Clear
12. Help Me Out
13. With Love

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