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Future Classic: DJ Koze “Amygdala” (Pampa Records)

House / Techno

When it comes to house and techno, I like to think I’m a pretty strict guy. Most of the dance tracks that come out these days are mind-numbingly boring and predictable to me (not to mention excessively filtered and over-produced). I’ll almost always favour sounds that are “raw and gritty” rather than “polished and pleasant”, especially on the dance floor. While Stefan Kozalla’s (DJ Koze) Amygdala LP definitely possesses a certain “cleanliness” to it, he more than makes up for this with a signature-style that destroys formulas, cross-breeds genres and gets down-and-dirty with experimental arrangements and “strange” samples.

Those that are familiar with his previous releases can attest that Koze is one of the most creative, forward-thinking and sought-after players in the game. Add this to the fact that it has been 8 years since his last album and it is safe to say that expectations are high. Faithful fans and newcomers alike will certainly be very satisfied here as the majority of these recordings are as unique, fresh and challenging (yet oddly-accesible) as ever! Even some of the darker pieces (Das Wort, Magical Boy) have a sort of floaty/playful/utopian vibe to them. To make things even more appealing look out for guest appearances by Caribou, Apparat, Matthew Dear (2x), Milosh and a crazy re-imagination of Kings Of Convenience‘s Homesick.

If nothing else, Amygdala serves as a beautifully-crafted antithesis to the unfortunately-uninspired cookie-cutter club music that’s been infesting the scenes these days. I can’t think of any other recently-released song that could successfully wake-up and rejuvenate a crowd better than Ich Schreib’ Der Ein Buch 2013 (feat. Hildegard Knef), fusing garage rhythms with Kabarett and semi-aggressively toned vocal snippets. I really don’t understand which planet this is from, but it will nevertheless remain a personal highlight of the year.

Dj Koze - Ich Schreib' Der Ein Buch 2013 (feat. Hildegard Knef)

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Forgotten Treasure: Hildergard Knef “Knef” (Decca Records 1970)



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