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Exclusive Premiere: Afronaut “How It Goes”

Broken Beat Electronic

Broken beat pioneer, Afronaut, returns in full force for Brighton’s long established purveyors of fine sounds, Tru Thoughts, with a lesson in dancefloor rocking production.

Afronaut, aka Orin Walters, founding member of both the bruk supergroup Bugz in the Attic and the pioneering trio Neon Phusion, makes his debut on Tru Thoughts with club-stomper “How It Goes”.


Following on from his collaboration with mentee and “honorary Bug” WheelUP on the summer-groove “Good Love”, “How It Goes” is the start of a partnership between the bruk legend and Tru Thoughts, a label whose output has been known for championing the West London Sound.

Tru Thoughts honcho had this to say about working with Orin: “I have always been a big fan of Afronaut and many of his songs have been anthems at my club residencies in Brighton. Orin has been mentoring WheelUP so to connect through that album has led to Tru Thoughts now working with him on some forthcoming releases which are sounding amazing. Orin is still pushing musical boundaries and this track is just the start.”

“How It Goes” by Afronaut is out this week. We can’t wait to hear what’s the next, but we’ll certainly be rocking this in the meantime.

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