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Exclusive Premiere: Paper Tiger “An Ancient Secret”

Beats Broken Beat

‘An Ancient Secret’ is a first taste of what’s to come from Paper Tiger’s third album “Rogue Planet”, due for release in the spring of 2019 on Wah Wah 45s!

Just like the quantum leap from debut long-player to sophomore album, and despite the band’s continued fascination with space travel, “Rogue Planet” looks like being something of a cosmic leap from its predecessor, “Blast Off”.

As a first small step into the feel of the album, ‘An Ancient Secret’ is the perfect choice with a cool cross of Broken Beat flavours and Computer-based Electronic music. Paper Tiger’s strength lies in their live performance and improvisational skills, so although it sounds like it was made entirely “in-the-box”, this one is actually a cross of many elements of live recordings, looping and re-sampling!

The track prepares the stage for the full LP which will feature the legendary Steve Spacek, highly rated MC Lando Chill, vocalist Olivia Bhattacharjee and their very own, much loved wordsmith Raphael Attar of course. Get ready to explore Paper Tiger’s “Rogue Planet”!

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