Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Black Action Committee / Nick Holder (1998)

House / Techno

Black Action Committee, Black Jazz, Blackman, The Black Section: I’m sensing a theme here and I think I like it. I think you will too and that’s why I’ve decided to stay up last night to make sure you get a good quality listen.

This soulful release sounds like Chicago, was mastered in Detroit and came from the giant catalogue of Toronto’s Nick Holder on DNH Records. If I could make homie Rilly Guilty jealous with just one of my records, it might be this one. At first I preferred Black Jazz for it’s less-accessible stabbing piano and sax sounds, but it’s really hard to choose a favorite here as each track is deep house gold!

This is the first of many Black Action Committee EPs and I plan on checking out the rest, but what’s this 3.88/5 rating on Discogs? Shame. (Don’t believe everything you read kids!)

Nick Holder - Black Jazz Nick Holder - Blackman Nick Holder - The Black Section Download Link


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