Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Sizzle “Keep On Tryin” (1984)

Soul & Funk

This Saturday, I’ll be making another little road trip to Quebec City with my homie Felix aka: Le Laitier / Packity Schplurps / Luigi E. Schlumberger (yeah, don’t ask, hahaha). We’ve been recently spinning some sweet disco and house vibes at La Cuisine (one of the few spots in the city that graciously host this kind of music), however this time we’re invited to crew up at Le Cercle, with local boogie masters Funk Connection.

In preparation for the night (and the snowy drive up), we’ve been posting some of our favorite tracks, so ever since the boys shared Sizzle’s Keep On Trying, I’ve been testing the limits of Youtube’s replay button. I’m not sure what your tolerance levels are for disco cheese, but if you don’t mind silly lyrics about a desperate man having a back-and-forth with a very unimpressed woman then this jam’s for you. While some people may have a hard time digesting the “lactose” on this one, there’s no denying the catchy fun-loving guitar riffs and funky bass lines here. This is a good track to thrown on if the dance floor’s getting too serious.

If you do prefer something a little more sophisticated, then I highly recommend checking out another sizzlin’ hit: “Love Is All Around”. This was one of the many songs featured on Al Kent’s The Best Of Disco Demands compilation.

Note to all our QC fam: If you’re in the area tomorrow, come by Le Cercle for good times guaranteed. We have nothing but love for Funk Connection (Don, Gino and R-Strong) who come straight from the Haute-Ville and is the DJ crew behind the grooviest radio show in town (Wednesday nights on CHYZ 94.3). “Their fortified funk juice is sure to make you boogie to the break of dawn”.



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