Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Steve Arrington “Beddie-Biey” (1983)

Soul Soul & Funk

Oh the things you can find in dollar bins! My favourite kind of digging is getting down in the crates no one touches and spend a whole bunch of money on overlooked gems you can buy just based on a hunch or simply because of the cover art.

Well, this one I bought because I knew that Steve Arrington was also the frontman of great 70’s disco/funk group Slave. His work has been sampled by tons of people from Jay-Z, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Snoop, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey to N.W.A. So when I saw this LP lying around for 1$ between Zamfir and Yanni I picked it up of course.

I then realised that it had the “Beddie Biey” track that I just recently discovered on Sweatson Klank‘s (aka Take) latest mix he did for us part of the Forgotten Treasures series. An absolutely wonderful you should check out : here.

The track is one of those naughty naughty songs you need on your late night mixtape. There are some classic lines like “it’s getting late, and I can’t wait to touch your body silky smooth” / “forget about the door, i’m not gonna open it for nobody no no…” Proof that when you’ve got a nice voice and some sick keyboard melody in the background, you can say anything.

So next time you’re flipping through your local dollar bins and you see that (pretty epic) cover don’t forget to get that. Or you can get it on Discogs for about 2$

Steve Arrington - Beddie-Biey (1983)

Sample used by ATCQ (comes in around :20 seconds)



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