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Future Classic: Afrolicious “Pleasure Power / Pleasure Time”

The seminal Afro-funk outfit, San Francisco’s very own, Afrolicious, are back again with a couple of brand new ep’s, “Pleasure Power” and ‘Pleasure Time.’

If you’ve ever been to their weekly party that goes down at The Elbo Room every Thursday in the Mission District, you know that it’s one hell of a funky time. The party, in my mind, is a great reflection of the Bay Area vibe; people of every ethnicity and background, congregating under one roof, melding on the dance floor, and letting loose to a melting pot of worldly sounds.

Both tracks are definitely vindictive of such a vibe; layered in a dominant percussive element that blends seamlessly with the power of the ever so present horn section; if a dance floor can’t get moving to these rhythms, they’re not the people you want at your party.

Both tracks get the remix treatment as well; Peru’s Novalima gives ‘Pleasure Time’ a little more of an electronic/house laden feel and re-direction for the dance floor, still staying true enough to the original without losing any of it’s organic essence.

A personal favourite of mine is DJ Smash’s take on ‘Pleasure Power’. I’ve always been a big fan of Smash’s work since his early days with the Blue Note parties in New York. Smash came correct on this one, taking the original horn and rhythm section and lacing it with a nice foot-stompin’ disco vibe. Like all his other work, definitely one to keep in your back pocket to get your party started.

If this is your first foray into the sounds of Afrolicious, then I highly suggest you start backtracking through their catalogue.




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