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Future Classic: AKUA x Black Milk “Puddles”


OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica launched an awesome project a few months back called the Player Xchange, which is a videos series where they link an African artist with an American artist to write and record an original song. I was already pretty excited about this series cause I think the idea is great but this week I’m extra stocked cause they put up a video where they linked our very own Ghanaian/Canadian singer-songwriter A K U A with one of my hands-down favorite artists Black Milk. I’ve already talked about how great A K U A is here but this is an extra special treat cause before this track I’d never heard her do a collaboration piece.

The pairing of Black Milk and A K U A for ‘Puddles’ couldn’t have been a better union. Black Milk’s production is so tightly knit that sometimes we miss but the beauty of the distinctive layers but accompanied by A K U A’s silky breezy tone, attention is brought to all the right notes. A K U A has a way of laying her voice on track that makes it sound she’s one of the instruments, rather an overpowering vocal, which sounds particularly exquisite on this type of smooth beat. They dance together as naturally as autumn leaves and the wind. Thank you OkayPlayer excellent matching.

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