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Future Classic: Awanto3 “Pregnant”

House / Techno

Stephanie Mills is an artist I genuinely love, and apart from her soulful Boogie Funk style, it is her unique voice that steals my heart away. The first Stephanie Mills track I ever heard was You Can’t Run From My Love (1982 – produced by Mtume) and I adore this song by Awanto3 because he specifically samples the break in her track. I knew right away what the sample was, I’m much too obsessed with Miss Mills not to miss that one!

Awanto3’s Pregnant is a minimal House track, with a long build up to the best part, and I can truly enjoy all 12 minutes and 45 seconds of it. It’s easily playable on repeat in my world, but obviously not a recommendation for everyone. Steven de Peven is the man behind Awanto3 and I’m going to assume that he named the song ‘Pregnant’ as a way of playing on her theme of trapping a man with her love. With or without irony, all of Stephanie Mills’ marriages ended in divorce and is quoted saying that she could never hold onto any man longer than two years.

Pregnant was released in 2012 apart of an anniversary series for a Netherland based label called Dekmantel. Awanto3 has a nice handful of great jams worth checking, including You Made Me Change of Heart and Applecake, which was featured on the 67th MIMS monthly radio show.

Devon Eve

Devon Eve

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