Future Classics

Future Classic: Bonnie Banane feat. Waltaa “Champs-Élysées”


Oh my gosh! The killer duo of Bonnie Banane & Walter Mecca are back with another dope jam just in time for the summer. If you remember last years’ glorious 90’s R&B inspired “Muscles” you know what to expect from these two.

We fell in love with the new “Champ Elysées” track a few days ago when it got posted to the Weird Data soundcloud page. We featured it on our monthly MIMS radio show and instantly got a few requests to know “what the hell was that awesome oddball track in French”. We were really hoping there was going to be a video for this track, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint!

What we love about Bonnie Banane’s tracks is that they are both style and substance. Yes, the low-fi 90’s videos are a nice twist, but only because the track itself is really original and features tons of unexpected left and right turns. Just like with “Muscles”, the first time you listen to the song you’re caught off guard and you’re not too sure how you feel about the fact that it’s a bit weird and kitsch but the next thing you know it’s just tattooed in your brain.

Big up to the man Walter Mecca who we had the pleasure to have at our 24 Hours of Vinyl in Paris a few weeks ago. Fresh, so fresh!



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