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Future Classic: DJ Mitsu The Beats “Beat Installments Vol 2”

Beats Hip-Hop

Smooth like pouring custard, phat like The Biggest Loser cast, and crafted like a Renissance master. C’mon man, it’s Mitsu! Was it ever gonna be anything else? I’m not name checking any tunes here, as I’m into ALL of them, for different reasons. However, I will say this. ‘New Connection’ had me at hello. The album is a cohesive mix of Hip-Hop, both breaks and abstract style, Broken Beat, lot’s of percussion, and warm jazzy chord progressions. There’s a couple of almost Dilla like swung beats, which’ll make mixing the snare in time a bit interesting.

Lotta subtlety here, so you gotta let some grow on you, but that’s the pleasure of listening, right? The vibe is more down-tempo than anything else, but no downer buzz-kill tracks, nahmean? I should say – this ain’t no ‘DJ only’ recommendation, it’s an album full of groove, for early in the party, or late. Or during, depending on the vibe. I’m getting the wax and the MP3’s. It’ll be my music Visa, in that I ain’t leaving home without it, in any format. (F**k Amex, by the way)


A1 - New Connection
A2 - Down To Business
A3 - Take It Back


B1 - Let Go
B2 - Philly
B3 - If you build it


C1 - No Games
C2 - First Class
C3 - Attention


D1 - Front Row
D2 - Wave
D3 - Nothing Lost

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I DJ via 2 turntables, Vinyl, and Serato. I play a Funky Jazzy style Guitar. I write and produce my own tunes, and the odd remix or 2. I won Record Kicks 'Scaramunga!' remix comp, it ended up on 'Soulshaker 7' on Vinyl too. From an old Funk 45 to a Hip-Hop 12" to a Latin Jazz LP to a new Funky House digital release, I'm all good with it. Got soul and groove? I'm in.